Anonymous asked: Not a confession, but is this still active? I just submitted something which I'd like to see, but I believe the last person before me submitted something in August 2012.
tigerandbunnyconfessions replied:

Nope, sorry to disappoint you. I lost interest in running it but I believe there’s another reincarnation somewhere on the internet. I’m leaving it open so people can go back and read old posts rather than delete it.

I think Kaede’s hero name should be Tiger Lily.
Submitted by anon
Since my own parents aren’t talking to me, I look at these eyes when I feel sad. Papa Tiger makes a lot of things better.
Submitted by satalderihannsu
I love Agnes Joubert’s character and how she fights for her passion. I kind of wish she were more popular in the fandom.
Submitted by mind-crayon
Through cosplaying Karina I’ve kinda sorta developed a huge crush on Kotetsu.
Submitted by anon
I wanted Jude Law to dub Bunny, I really do. Jude Law even lisps occasionally.
Submitted by anon
I was with the show from the beginning. I’m yaoist but quite objective. I just wanted Kotetsu and Barnaby to stay friends and say to myself that I do not have to ship them. Well, screw everything! They look amazing together, as bros and as a couple.
Submitted by secretka
I love Kotetsu’s shoes maybe a little too much. My biggest fantasy is Kotetsu wearing nothing but his shoes and his socks pulled up.
Submitted by anon
I like Fire Emblem. He is clearly one of the best portrayals of a positive, successful gay character in media. He’s not only a hero, but he owns the company that sponsors him!
Submitted by anon
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